Our team will work with you to bring your vision to a online application that will run your company.


The initial idea gets everything started.


We set up a brainstorming session with our clients to explore and discover exactly what is required for the upcoming project.


We balance features / budget / timelines and narrow down a plan of action.


Our visual designers create the complete visuals of the concept in an interactive platform. Deep thought and work is put into user-interface (spacing, colour palette, sizing) as well as user-experience (efficient navigation, ease of use, mobile/tablet variations to the desktop layout) in line with the clients vision and expectations.


The visual concept can be reviewed by the client before programming, ensuring that all requested features are included and are in line with their vision. Any changes are accomplished efficiently by returning to the ‘PLAN-IT’ segment. When completed, and all aspects of the software can be clicked through in line with the overall vision, it is APPROVED and ready for programming.


The client’s vision has been confirmed and finalized. Programming will convert the visual concepts into a fully functioning solution. All major features are developed with a functional testing paradigm first. This ensures that a logic pattern is validated and will not break when future features are released. Our process achieves a stable rapid development process.


Programming is complete and all features are available for review on a STAGING server for testing and verification. All major features of the software include step-by-step documentation with direct links from each page. This allows your staff to quickly get info how to use the software easily and efficiently.


The software is complete, we roll-out a soft-launch with select users to ensure stability. Relevant code is refactored to ensure it is optimized in line with the scaling plan. HARD LAUNCH to all users We are LIVE !


It is imperative that the system is maintained on a regular basis to ensure it remains up-to-date, secure and relevant.

Our Design Policies (Visual / Programming)

Horror Vacui / Balance


This comes from the latin word meaning fear of empty space.
Programmers tend to fall into this trap where when we are creating a new project we just add buttons and functions into the empty space we find. Visual designers on the other hand fight to keep the visual space aesthetically pleasing by balancing all functions. Our software solutions ensure a balanced approach. Left heavy pages are balanced with visual elements on the right side which gives a feeling of stability - without cramming too much functionality. Heights of elements are uniform for groups.

Clear Notificationds & Indications


When interacting with the software after completing updates to the software there is a clear notification of what happened. The colour of these indications should stand-out but still match the colour scheme of the overall design.

Responsive Design

Visual / Programming

All our visuals use blocks get re-sorted when viewing on a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop. The organization of the blocks is thought out so it makes sense logically on all mediums.

10 Heuristics

Visual / Programming

We follow the 10 heuristics of good design rules. Basically this means 10 things which help a user understand software without explaining to them.
A good real world example of this is a door. Each side of the door should have a different handle. Without reading 'PULL' or 'PUSH' it should be clear from the design of the handle if you should pull or push.
We integrate the same rules on our software design so your staff will focus less on reading documentation and more on using the system since the software very clearly outlines how it is to be used.

Features within Features Development


All features on a software are made up of smaller features. Meaning if anything goes wrong with any one feature, our software design allows our developers to efficiently open a single feature and interact visually, run integration tests, upgrade, fix and launch. This software design increases the stability of the software and lowers the maintenance time when upgrading systems. For the client it simply means peace of mind that you don't realize you need until and when software breaks down and get's fixed efficiently.

Functional Testing


All features and systems we develop include functional testing. This means when we launch new features have include tests to ensure the software works as indented.
Edge cases: After a software is launched there are always unique situations which cause undesired functionality from what was initially planned. Our team immediatly adds new functional tests to ensure that edge case never happens again.

Visual Approvals


All features we develop are explained in visual form before any programming begins. This ensures the client understands the feature and how it will interact before any programming begins. The client is able to interact with the software concept and give feedback. No time is wasted and this helps both parties to discuss and create a powerful software that adheres to the requirements. After visuals are approved the programming begins and is completed. Internally our developers also create detailed visual representations of the complex systems which keeps all developers on the same development path.

Software Development Layout & Modules

  • Responsive Modules to fit all needs
  • Layout reassures clients of professionalism
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Sleek form elements
  • Custom graphs and analytics
  • Great navigation to ensure minimal clicks to get to destination
  • Mobile layout emphasizes image and name
  • Style and colour can be altered in line with your requirements
  • Responsive design that works on desktop, mobile and tablet