iPhone 8 - Switch or Stay - A necessary -in a parked car- unboxing

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Well, it was time: This week was upgrade-my-cell-phone week. My very friendly cell company, I believe, ran a computer script and found that lots of my extra services / numbers for my many occasions and business projects qualified me for a discount on future hardware. Pair this with Black Friday, and I put on my new cell phone hat !

Until today I have been rocking an iPhone SE (most people know it as a silver iPhone 5). I actually have heard many good things about it, and have mostly good things to say about it, but, the font on a 4 inch Steve Jobs era phone does require eye squint, and, and with the newly found aviation phase of my life = Upgrade justified :)

First impressions, wow, this phone is a quality piece of hardware. The moving parts have all been minimized, and although the curmudgeon in me yells "give me back my physical keyboard and removable battery" but my gut says "it's good". On a separate thought: do I need it or do I want it ?

Almost too nice. The beautiful glass on the back and soft edges actually push this phone to jewlery status as opposed to a device that literally runs my life. This phone gets tossed down on desks, merged into pockets with keys, change and other abrasive objects, which will start the timer on when this device will be retired (hopefully after my contract ends).

I always felt that I could toss my iPhone SE around a little, and she would continue to tick well for me. There was also the incident when I left my phone next to my friend's iphone 6 normal unattended on the bar counter for a moment,  and his was stolen and my old form factor with new hardware allowed me to hide it in plain sight and maintain ownership.

Will I be sad once the NEW iPhone SE comes out in several months ? Probably not since the SE is still the less privileged Apple citizen and is not bound to be given the power it deserves, but, my rhetoric is slowing fading as I enjoy my new iPhone 8 form factor anyway !

So the question is "why iPhone ?" -> let’s go through the “aye’s” and “nay’s” to help you either switch or stay:

Posted by Sacha Lewis Dmytruk

Sacha Lewis Dmytruk is the founder and President at undologic inc. Striving to simplify your companies online experience.

Sacha Lewis Dmytruk
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