Best MacOS PHP development rig

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I haven’t always programmed with MacOS (as I’d prefer to know it as OSX)  but it was an interesting transition that began with Windows - GNU/Linux - and now Mac. It is one of the best ways to program (yes, proof as to why is coming :)
-> But there is still a geeky Linux system that is tickling me to join the “light” side.

The command line (or, as I was introduced to it in university as …. “The black screen”) has always been my endeavor, even before it was at all useful for anything I was doing at the time. I remember my friend telling me he had to compile his version of Firefox for 2 days before he could surf the web (stick in a grunt of a computer version of Tim Taylor here).

At the time it was argued you didn’t “need” Linux, but today EVEN Microsoft is “striving for the black screen” and that war has ended.

I have already taken the GNU/Linux plunge and re-paved my main system to Ubuntu and vowed to code and deploy on the same platform.
-> This was my pilgrimage through the desert, and I stayed longer than the chronical 40 days and 40 nights. But upon my return I was a changed man - in ways I didn’t realize - and switched to Apple (and my world unfortunately got a little lighter ;).
-> At that time I was running a company doing Photoshop work using “Gimp” (It didn’t even have slices support for the very sliced world we are used to living in), so the writing was definitely on the wall, or rather in the sand.

Mac does have a great mix between “the open source ways of doing things” and the closed source world that exists. For us at undoLogic we need systems that make our work efficient, meaningful and enjoyable, and here is our latest set of software which we use to get our job done.

Posted by Sacha Lewis Dmytruk

Sacha Lewis Dmytruk is the founder and President at undologic inc. Striving to simplify your companies online experience.

Sacha Lewis Dmytruk
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